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denise ciecierega-biondo

started Biondo Studio almost 20 years ago in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn after dropping out of art school and bouncing around between jobs in book publishing, fashion advertising, and too many others to mention. In addition to everything design, Denise loves music, dinner parties, gardening, traveling, organizing, and making “to-do” lists.

john biondo

has been working with Biondo Studio for over a decade as a developer and programmer. His ability to fix anything shines in both the analog and digital worlds. Technology moves fast and John is always ready to ride along. In his spare time, John likes to have rambling conversations, re-build electronic equipment, play guitar and thrift shop.

nicky biondo

is a 40 pound lapdog and a one-man neighborhood watch commmittee. He is quick to shake hands and make friends, and he’s as cool and elegant as James Bond. Nicky is the attentive butler of the studio who makes sure that everyone is having a good day and staying on schedule.

nina biondo

is a delicate little flower who is skeptical of everyone and everything until she gets to know them. First impressions are usually a little awkward, but after that’s done, she will bat her eyelashes and expect to be worshipped. When it really comes down to it, she is the one in charge of this whole operation.