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adding new audio to your players

We have a few different styles of audio players that we use for websites, and one player in particular, is very easy to update. It’s called the “tPlayer” and it’s the style that has multiple demos in one player and it’s nice and sleek looking. As always, we are available for maintenance on your website if it’s something that you’d rather not do, but if you’d like to give it a shot, here are some basic instructions that should explain pretty well.

Using the tPlayer, everything can be taken care of right within the main plugin with just a few clicks. Here are two screen shots that will walk you through how easy it is to update and make changes to your demos: tPlayer1 and tPplayer2.

There is also a basic WordPress player that we use for clients who prefer to have each of their audio files in a separate player. This is a little more complicated to update and requires a few different steps, with uploading the audio to the media gallery, copying the link to where it was uploaded, and then inserting that link into the widget code for each player. Here are two screen shots to walk you through: WPaudioplayer1 and WPaudioplayer2.

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