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How can I re-connect my Instagram feed to my site?

More and more clients are requesting that social media feeds be embedded into their website. The most common is Instagram, but Twitter and Facebook and a few others can be embedded also. This is not difficult to do, and we usually have our own Instagram account embedded into the website as an example, until it’s time to launch the website.

Once the site is launched, the plugin becomes deactivated and it has to be re-hooked up again, so we connect to the client’s own account right after we launch the website. Being that the plugin requires a connection with a username and password, and sensitive information, this is something that we’d prefer to instruct the client so they know how to connect their account to their website themselves. If that fails, then we are happy to get on the phone and walk them through it, or even to do that for them, but we just request that the client change their password right afterwards. Here are the steps to reconnect your Instagram Feed plugin if it becomes unhooked:

  1. First make sure that you’re logged into your Instagram account.
  2. Log into your WordPress website.
  3. Once logged in, you’ll see the plugin called “Instagram Feed” in the left sidebar of the dashboard.
  4. Go to Settings >> click the blue bar titled “connect an Instagram account”, then on the next page click >> Connect.
  5. Go through the steps in the secure dialog box and it will embed your feed and automatically update your site whenever you post.