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Can you offer any assistance in the voice over business?

by | Jun 7, 2015 | branding, voiceover

can you offer any assistance in the voiceover business?

Although we have done dozens of voice over sites over the years, we are not really part of the voice over industry ourselves. I do know a good voice when I hear one, but we stick to the branding, design and developing. We’ve worked very closely with an amazing voice over manager named Celia Siegel for a decade or two who consults with clients to figure out the best aspects of their voice and how to brand and market them to the industry.

After that, that’s when we come in and collaborate with Celia and her clients to bring their ideas to life. It’s a really fun and productive process, and if think you need assistance in voice over beyond getting your website together, Celia’s definitely the one to call. She has written a book about this process called Voiceover Achiever, which is available on amazon.com. This book is a great overview of her services and instruction manual for thinking about creating your own brand and how to bring that out into the world. Bonus! The book was designed by us here at Biondo Studio.