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what is a mobile-friendly site?These days, everyone uses their phones or tablets as much or more than their desktop computers, so it’s important that your site is accessible to everyone. Any new site that we create will be programmed to follow these specifications and be mobile-friendly yet still have our same highly customized design work. mobile sites have a few design limitations, mostly regarding navigation menus or page borders, but we can customize mostly everything else.

The added benefit of this also is that updating the site and adding and deleting pages through wordpress is a lot easier for the client in these types of sites. Previous clients who have had a site designed with us may want to consider and update to a mobile-friendly site in the future. We can stick with the current design (or create a new one if desired) and re-program it so that the design and the content expands and contracts depending on the device it’s being viewed on.

Google announced in april 2015 that they were going to roll out an entire separate search engine, accessible only on mobile and just for mobile-friendly sites. The google search engine that you know and use is still in place, but this new one is in addition to, and targets sites that are responsive, and re-size themselves according to the device that they’re being viewed on. Google developers have written in a lot of detail about what the resonsive, mobile-friendly site criteria is, and you can start here to read more if you’d like. For those that aren’t sure if their site is mobile-friendly, you can use google’s mobile-friendly test and find out. Then if you’d like, we can give you different options from a small update (if possible) to a larger overhaul so that your site and it’s content can be universally viewed by all.

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