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do you provide web hosting or domain name registration?

We have our own online shop at biondoweb.com, a subsidiary reseller of GoDaddy products which has everything you’d ever need to get your website up and running. Usually we will create an account for the client, have them update their credit card information, and then we can purchase these items for the client to make it easier for them and so they don’t have to navigate through dull technical info. After making the purchase of a few basic items, we will sync everything up and be ready to go.

The basic things you will need are:
1. Domain name(s)
2. Privacy for that domain name
(so that people can’t look up your personal info to see who is associated with the website.)
3. Web hosting.
4. SSL Certificate

We’ve been customers for several decades of the services that we’re re-selling, and have had very few problems with our website or our client’s websites. After we’ve set up your account, we’ll give you passwords, and you can just keep them somewhere safe, it’s likely you won’t need to access them too often, but every client does have the ability to take control of their own Biondo Web account. We are also here for any questions, technical emergencies related to those services and other assistance needed. We take responsibility and do not charge for any time that it may take to fix technical issues with the server, domain ,etc, when you purchase those products from Biondo Web. The cost for the items listed above are charged annually and they are a separate cost from the building of the website itself. If we put those products on auto-renew, it will automatically charge your credit card every time those products expire, and you won’t have to worry about any downtime.

Many of our clients come to us with website hosting or domain name already registered at another company, and if they have good customer service and fast, modern servers, we do not require that we move anything. This is something that we’ll go over in the initial consultation and then once we log into your current account, we can give you an assessment on the quality and price of those services so you can decide what to do.