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Biondo Studio. What is branding and why is it important?
Biondo Studio creates websites with matching social media and printed materials for our clients, but more than that, we work with you to build a unique brand and establish credibility and professionalism. Your brand is an extension of you that consistently represents your work and your business. When we begin working with each person, we want to make sure that we understand who they are and what will work for them long term.

More than just putting together a logo or a website, it’s not unusual for our clients to have a strong visual identity that they use for many years or decades. This is an investment that often evolves along with them and is consistent through updates in technology and design trends. The process involves getting to know each person and their sense of style to give them something that they feel good about promoting for many years to come. This makes them instantly recognizable and unique as they promote themselves across the internet, social media, and in person. No matter what the design concept, our style of design tends to be minimal and we like to have a clean and stylish landing screen with clear direction on where to go and what to do once there.

During the initial consultation, we’ll ask questions about who they are and their likes and dislikes. Some people will have very little idea about which direction to go in, and others are very specific about what they’re looking for, but most people are somewhere in-between. Well-known talent manager Celia Siegel has written a book with thought-provoking exercises that can help people in any type of business to think about what they’d like for their brand to be. (We actually designed that book along with her, to match her brand and website.) Looking around at your environment, things you’re passionate about, and even starting a Pinterest board to help articulate a vision definitely helps to get the process started.

Once the brand is established, it should be used consistently across all mediums. Colors, fonts, logo and overall style should be used to tie everything into the brand. For example, if a certain photography style is used, it should be carried over throughout the rest of the website and print collateral. Social media banners and posts should match in tone and subject matter, making being yourself online and business promotion seamless. We are available for any matching promotional materials that you may need after your brand is established. Contact us for a free consultation and we will be happy to discuss the potential of your stylish brand.

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What will we discuss during the initial consulatation?

Biondo Studio. What will we discuss during the initial consulatation?

Anyone who contacts us and is interested in our services, can schedule a 30 minute phone call with us where we can answer any questions that you may have for you to base your decision on for your website. Many clients come to us without much knowledge or ever having a website before, and we are happy to walk you through the process and show different example and options. read more…