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How do I get a customized email address?

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Biondo Studio. How do i get a customized email address?

There are different options when setting up a customized email address such as you@yourdomain.com that matches your site name and looks more professional than a free address. If you have your domain name, there are email plans that you can purchase to have your matching address.

Different domain registrars and hosting companies usually have one of the two products available. There are generally two options available these days: Google Workspace or Microsoft Email 365. They both come with multiple other apps and tools for your business, but generally those are the two only choices with the safety and security needed these days. It is more modern and reliable, and the price is very reasonable. Google Workspace is an upgraded mailbox with more storage for all of your uploaded photos, files, etc. After purchasing the plan, it’s simply a matter of changing MX records (mail records) in your domain name settings to get Google Workspace connected to your domain.

For clients who have been using GoDaddy (our our service Biondo Web), in more recent months, they have been discontinuing the older servers for email and are in the process of migrating customers to a Microsoft 365 account (which runs on Outlook and includes the Microsoft suite of software, including storage.) We can assist with setting these accounts up for you, if you’re with a company that carries it. After the setup, you can contact the company directly to have them assist you with setting the software up to synch on your various devices.

Generally speaking, free email addresses (if they’re even available anywhere anymore) are not recommended because they simply don’t have the security features that are needed these days. If you have a free email account or a forwarding address, you should consider upgrading to the better service. We used to often set up a forwarding address (if the company allowed) that would forward any mail that’s sent into an account that’s more convenient for you to check email on. We don’t do this anymore anymore because of security reasons, but you may still have this setup from many years ago. Forwarding the mail was pretty simple, but In order to reply from that account as the customized email, it does require the setting up of an email alias, which can take a bit of focus to do it correctly.

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