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how do i get a customized email address?

There are different options when setting up a customized email address such as you@yourdomain.com that matches your site name and looks more professional than one from Yahoo or Google. It mainly depends on the company that you’ve registered your domain with, and what types of email setups they have available.

One thing that can be done is to set up a forwarding address (if the company allows) that will forward any mail that’s sent there info an account that’s more convenient for you to check email on. For example, a Gmail account or a Yahoo account that you have. This method is usually free at most companies, as the custom email addresses are often included with the purchase of the domain name, depending on the registrar that you choose.

The second option would be to purchase a separate customized email account which includes a separate site to log in at to read and write your email. Biondoweb.com has either of these options available and we can discuss what’s best for you. With certain email programs, we can also set up a customized email signature file.