how much does a website or other project cost?

blog-costour prices vary depending on the project, and we will take on big or small. since each web design is uniquely made, and each client has different needs and specifications, the price varies depending on the project size and scope. sometimes there is complex programming, or an intricate design is requested, or the internal pages of the site have a lot of content, needs and organizational overhaul, etc. sometimes only a blog design, or a logo or printed item is needed.

a custom single page blog design or single-page scrolling wordpress website (with 3 to 4 sections) ranges from $950 – $1200. the starting price for a full custom wordpress website with 5 pages and a blog is $1600. an animated landing page is a bit extra, depending on the design. a print or video project would cost a flat rate of $100 hourly, as well as maintenance or other smaller projects. before starting to work together, there is an initial phone consultation to find out the details of your needs and to answer any questions that you may have. in the next step, an estimate is sent along with a basic contract to look over. if everything is agreeable, we go from there. there is a 50% deposit due at the start of the project as well as a signed copy of the contract. once complete, an invoice for the balance is sent over. if the project grows in size as we are working on it, this may add additional work and cost to the final invoice, and we will bring this point up as it arises.

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