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How do I stop contact form spam messages?
Unfortunately the convenience of having a website contact form, which is supposed to protect your privacy, can become an inconvenience when it’s used for spam messages. This has been happening more and more lately. Hackers attack websites in many forms, either direct or with hacker bots. They’re always looking for some type of weakness in order to exploit or to annoy. Staying on top of this type of issue is always a priority.

As of late, the WordPress theme contact form has been a main target for hacker bots in sending many blank emails from the form to your email account. So far, it just seems like an attempt to annoy rather than infiltrate, possibly a warning as to what could happen if not remediated. Sometimes other messages are sent, such as accusations of copyright infringement. As always NEVER click on any confusing messages or attachments, and contact us if you’re unclear about anything.

The best way to fight this is by accessing your Google account, creating reCaptcha keys, inputting that info into the Google reCaptcha plugin and into the contact form. This whole process should take no longer than a half hour if you are readily available to relay security codes and responsive to the information that we need in order to connect it to your website. Please let us know if you would like this security feature on your website. We will take care of this automatically for all new clients as to stop hacking attempts, and to save time on maintenance.