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what is the timeframe needed to get a website completed?

The average timeframe to design and build a website is 4 to 6 weeks. However, being a small studio, there can be a bit of a queue to get started with a new web design. After the initial consultation and the sending of the estimate, if it all looks agreeable, then the client can send a signed copy of the contract and the deposit to secure their place in the queue. We usually don’t have a wait of more than a week or two.

There are occasionally periods where we are unable to take on new projects and we let the potential client know and offer references to other designers. Other times, the client may have time to wait for us to get started as long as we make the final deadline. Once a client is up in the queue, design drafts of the site are made and shown and we talk about it, gather feedback and make revisions. Beginning to create a new design is the most time-consuming part, then after that the process goes by much more quickly and we keep the project moving at a rapid pace. One thing that makes the process move along really smoothly after the design phase is to make sure that all the content for the site is organized and complete. This helps us to build the site much more quickly.