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what is the best method to communicate with each other?

The initial contact is almost always through email and we will then set up a phone appointment for a free consultation. You can do this through our contact page. For international clients, long-distance conversations can be set up through Skype or Zoom.

Once we are involved in the design and building process, the preferred method of communication is always email, and you’ll get a much quicker response from us as well. Being that our primary job is design and programming, phone calls can take time away and delay the project. Although, we are available via phone for discussions that are too complex for email, or for emergencies, of course. We generally are not available after normal working hours or on the weekends.

Email is also the best tool to keep track of detailed notes and where a variety of items stand with the project. Occasionally, a project needs to be discussed in more detail in the midst of working on it, and a phone call can certainly be arranged in those circumstances, but if it’s just as easy to send an email, please do. We also try to respond to each email within 48 hours, at least to let you know that it’s been received and something we’re working on. We ask that open communication can go the other way too, and that if we are working on a project together, that our questions are answered or the details are caught up with. Or, if something comes up and you need to take a break, please let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate.