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how can i keep my website secure from hackers?

paying attention to anything odd on your website is important. wordpress websites, and especially those with blogs, can be targeted by hackers. it’s important to keep your wordpress software and plugins updated so that your site can benefit from the latest security updates. if you’re unsure of how to do this, feel free to ask […]

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can you help with audio or video?

while we don’t do any recording here at biondo studio, we can help with some other needs that you might have for audio or video. for audio, we can seamlessly edit already existing files, compile them in a new arrangement, or we can export them into a different file format. we also edit video and do […]

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how do i get a customized email address?

there are two options when setting up a customized email address such as you@yourdomain.com that matches your site name and looks more professional than one from yahoo or google. one thing that can be done is to set up a forwarding address that will forward any mail that’s sent there info an account that’s more […]

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