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how can social media help my website?

We recommend setting up accounts at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linkedin to help to promote yourself and your work. Which accounts you decide to set up purely depends on you, your needs, and your audience. We can create matching social media banners for you to use for a cohesive branded look. Social media links can be added to your website and will help your visitors to keep up with you and create a flow of traffic between your website and your social media updates. More and more clients have social media feeds (particularly Instagram) embedded right into their website.

Not everyone has time (nor wants to) blog, but the blogging feature on the website can be helpful as a way to post your latest news and for you and for others to easily share across social media accounts. Email newsletters (such as mailchimp.com or constantcontact.com) can be customized to match your branding and are also a very good way to increase visitors to your website and to your social media accounts. We work with these features often and can answer any questions you may have and figure out a plan that’s right for you.