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What is a mobile-friendly site?

Biondo Studio. What is a mobile-friendly site?

These days, every single website is mobile-friendly, which means that we design everything to look good no matter what sized device that it’s being viewed on. When we first started out building websites, there were only a few standard sizes for screens, then came along phones and tablets, and now we have every screen size available that you can imagine. It is our job to build the site so that it looks good, no matter what the dimensions.
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How can I improve my SEO?

Biondo Studio. How can I improve my SEO?
For every website we build, we automatically include basic Search Engine Optimization, which includes all Google readable text and fonts, proper heading and image tags, the installation of an SSL certificate, and mobile friendly programming. However, some clients would like more than the basic SEO, and for those people we have some suggestions to features we can add to your site. read more…

Should I have a blog on my website?

Biondo Studio. Should I have a blog on my website?

A blog is a great way to share your thoughts, promote your business and increase your SEO. The search engines favor active sites that have new and unique content. Writing informative relevant blog posts is a great way to share information and get regular followers visiting your website. Also, the more relatable content that you have on your website the more likely your search results will improve. It also helps to create an area of expertise and an interest in your brand and get back and forth traffic between your site and the outside world. read more…

Why should I register multiple domain names?

Biondo Studio. Why should I register multiple domain names?
You only need one domain name to have a website, but when it comes to your business and brand, you definitely do not want to leave similar names available for copycats to register and take advantage of your search engine results or create confusion for your clients or within your industry. A strong brand is important to differentiate you, but it also helps to register every domain name iteration that you can think of. read more…

What is included in basic SEO?

Biondo Studio. What is included in basic SEO

Basic SEO is built into every website, with no exceptions. With each and every new site that we build, we make sure that as much text as possible is readable and we put alt and title tags on all of the images in the site. We have the ability to make any existing font into a web font and program it for readability. For a brand new site, it does take a little bit of time to get listed, but Google is becoming faster at that all of the time. read more…

Is Google part of my website?

Biondo Studio. Is Google part of my website?

While it may appear to be part of your website, Google and other search engines are a completely separate entity. While Google products are related to your website, they are a third-party company, and probably one of the largest and most complex in the world. We do need to work with them on some things such as search engine optimization, customized Workspace email accounts, website security, Google analytics, and other such technical items. Many times it is not an easy task, but occasionally special requests will require that we engage with them, which may likely add an additional cost to the project.
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What is an SSL certificate and why would i need one?

Biondo Studio. What is an SSL certificate and why would i need one?

Until just a few years ago, sites that had Ecommerce ability and had forms for credit card info, etc. needed to have something called an SSL certificate on it in order to encrypt the data and keep it secure. You can see which sites do or don’t have this protection by looking at the URL bar and seeing if there’s a padlock before the address or not. Secure sites also have a prefix of “https” rather than “http.” read more…

How do I add, edit, or delete a blog post?

Biondo Studio. How do I add, edit, or delete a blog post?

If you have a custom blog built into your website, it’s important to keep up by writing in it. It’s essential to be consistent to attract and keep new followers and build your audience. If you enjoy writing, a blog can be a fun way to express yourself and your expertise, and to gain regular readers and visitors to your website. Not only that, but having an active blog with regular relevant content is very good for your search engine rankings. read more…