how can i have animation on my site?

blog-animationfor many years, biondo studio was well-known for creating flash websites and/or flash homepages for websites. quite a bit has changed in recent years with the prominence of mobile devices, that do not support flash software. luckily, for those clients of ours who had flash sites created, even a decade ago, we programmed in a default page for those few computers that did not have the flash player installed. that had proved to be a very good move because most of those sites are still functional on both desktop and mobile, even though they use flash software.

however, we no longer do create any part of our sites in flash because we’re not sure of it’s longevity even on desktop browsers, as security measures are always changing. for those clients who do want animation on their sites, we can do simpler animation using PNG files. although the animation or interactivity isn’t as sophisticated as flash right now, we can animate a page to be responsive, mobile-friendly and have movement to engage your visitors on all devices.

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