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why isn’t my flash animation or website coming up anymore?

Believe it or not, we still receive this question. If you have an older website that was created in Flash, you might be noticing that your default non-Flash page (index2.html will usually show up in the URL of a Flash site that we’ve designed) is showing up in place of your full Flash home page or site. We are no longer technically able to update Flash websites in any capacity.

It’s no secret that Flash has been on it’s way out, but as of January 2021, the warnings are done and it’s completely and finally over. It’s sad actually, because it was such a great program that we could do so much with, and now even my favorite screen saver won’t work. In any case, time and technology does move on, so please consider a WordPress upgrade to your current design, and contact us about converting your Flash website design into a modern mobile-friendly WordPress site that you can likely update yourself.