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How much does a website or other project cost?

how much does a website or other project cost?

The price varies depending on the project size and scope of what you need. Some clients may need just a very basic site, so those would be priced lower, starting at $1500.00, and go up depending on what other additional features or content that will be built. Our prices are reasonable no matter what the project size and many people find custom branding and design to be a very worthwhile investment.
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What technical items do I need for my website?

What technical items do I need for my website?
There are a wide variety of products available for your website and many different companies to choose from. We don’t necessarily make clients move if they’re satisfied with the company already in place for their website hosting and domain registration, and if the products are up to date. And, we can still guide you though the basics so that you purchase only what you need and at a reasonable price. Just keep in mind that it’s usually much easier and you’ll have less tech issues if you stick with one company for all of your technical needs. read more…

Can technical issues add cost to a project?

Can technical issues add cost to a project?
In most cases, we expect that technology is going to have a few little hiccups along the way, and it’s part of our job and we know how to handle most issues that come along. When a client comes to us and has never had a website before, we are starting from scratch, and can set up their domains, email, hosting, SSL certificate, etc. all at one company to make life easier for all of us. read more…

Do you provide website updates if needed?

do you provide website updates if needed?

We are available to update sites that are created here at our studio for a $100.00 hourly rate, billed in 15 minute increments. Usually updates are made within 2 weeks of requesting them, but if it’s during the holiday season, please allow 3 to 4 weeks. as it’s an extremely busy time. Tight deadlines or short notice updates can be performed with an additional rush fee. read more…

What is the payment policy?

what is the payment policy?
For larger jobs like a website, we request that a 50% deposit be paid to get started and to get the project started in the queue. An invoice billing for the balance will be sent out and the website can be launched once it is paid. For maintenance and smaller projects, the bill is sent out at the end of each month with the due date customarily set at two weeks in the future. read more…