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How much does a website or other project cost?

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how much does a website or other project cost?

The price varies depending on the project size and scope of what you need. Some clients may need just a very basic site, so those would be priced lower, starting at $1500.00, and go up depending on what other additional features or content that will be built. Our prices are reasonable no matter what the project size and many people find custom branding and design to be a very worthwhile investment.

Before starting to work together, there is an initial phone consultation to find out the details of your needs and to answer any questions that you may have. In the next step, an estimate is sent along with a basic contract to look over. If everything is agreeable, we go from there. There is a 50% deposit due at the start of the project as well as a signed copy of the contract. Once complete, an invoice for the balance is sent over. If the project grows in size as we are working on it, this may add additional work and cost to the final invoice, and we will bring this point up as it arises. The same may occur if we realize that technical complications were created by the situation prior to our involvement.

Every project is different and sometimes there is complex programming, or an intricate design is requested, or the internal pages of the site have a lot of content, or everything needs an organizational overhaul, etc. An illustrated and/or animated landing page is a bit extra, depending on the design.

In addition, we are available for projects that are smaller than an entire branding and website design. Sometimes only a blog design is needed, or maybe not a website at all. We also create logos and printed items with your identity and customized style. And of course, banners and graphics for social media. After the site is built, general maintenance, content updates, or a print or video project would be billed according to the time that it takes to complete it. We charge $100/hour for updates and maintenance only as it’s requested and needed, and we bill in 15 minute increments. Being that we work with this software exclusively, we’re very fast and a 15 minute bill at the end of the month is not unusual.

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