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How do I update my WordPress site once it’s completed?

how do i update my wordpress site once it’s completed?

Once your WordPress site is completed, you have the freedom to update your site yourself, if you would like to. If the home page is animated or highly customized you probably wouldn’t be able to update it yourself without our assistance, but you will be able to log in and add content to the pages or add blog posts and share them on social media yourself. For those that are comfortable with technology, you may find that the website builder that we use is very user friendly. read more…

Updating the video player on your website

updating the video player on your website

Many clients have a video players on their site, and it’s a great way to have user engagement and show your work in various mediums. We have three main types of video players that we install, with two being super-easy to use, and the other being pretty easy to use with a bit of practice. Don’t forget, we’re here for updates and maintenance if you ever get stuck, but it’s always nice to have some control of adding content to your own website. read more…

Should I have a blog on my website?

Should I have a blog on my website?

A blog is a great way to share your thoughts, promote your business and increase your SEO. The search engines favor active sites that have new and unique content. Writing informative relevant blog posts is a great way to share information and get regular followers visiting your website. Also, the more relatable content that you have on your website the more likely your search results will improve. It also helps to create an area of expertise and an interest in your brand and get back and forth traffic between your site and the outside world. read more…

Can you help with the editing of audio or video?

can you help with audio or video?

While we don’t do any recording here at Biondo Studio, we can help with some other needs that you might have for audio or video. For audio, we can seamlessly edit already existing files, compile them in a new arrangement, or we can export them into a different file format. We also edit video and do a terrific job, if I may say so myself. read more…