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How do I update my WordPress site once it’s completed?

how do i update my wordpress site once it’s completed?

Once your WordPress site is completed, you have the freedom to update your site yourself, if you would like to. If the home page is animated or highly customized you probably wouldn’t be able to update it yourself without our assistance, but you will be able to log in and add content to the pages or add blog posts and share them on social media yourself. For those that are comfortable with technology, you may find that the website builder that we use is very user friendly. read more…

How do I do general maintenance on my website myself?

How do I do general maintenance on my website myself?
Once your site is created, it’s really important to keep your WordPress software, theme, and plugins up to date. It’s very easy and should only take a few minutes, but by doing so, it improves speed and performance of your website and also assists with security and preventing hackers from easily finding your site through outdated software. There are a few different ways to do this, one being through the WordPress Installatron or Softaculous inside of your hosting account, and the other is right in the WordPress dashboard. In either case, there will be very clear notifications that updates are available. read more…

How can I keep my website secure from hackers?

how can i keep my website secure from hackers?

Paying attention to routine maintenance on your site is very important, and so is letting us know about any odd things about your website or weird emails. WordPress websites, and especially those with blogs, can sometimes be targeted by hackers or malware, who are looking for out of date technology. Google is requiring all websites to get an SSL certificate these days for data encryption, which is a good safeguard. It’s important to keep your WordPress software and plugins updated so that your site can benefit from the latest security updates. read more…

Should I have a blog on my website?

Should I have a blog on my website?

A blog is a great way to share your thoughts, promote your business and increase your SEO. The search engines favor active sites that have new and unique content. Writing informative relevant blog posts is a great way to share information and get regular followers visiting your website. Also, the more relatable content that you have on your website the more likely your search results will improve. It also helps to create an area of expertise and an interest in your brand and get back and forth traffic between your site and the outside world. read more…

How do I stop contact form spam messages?

How do I stop contact form spam messages?
Unfortunately the convenience of having a website contact form, which is supposed to protect your privacy, can become an inconvenience when it’s used for spam messages. This has been happening more and more lately. Hackers attack websites in many forms, either direct or with hacker bots. They’re always looking for some type of weakness in order to exploit or to annoy. Staying on top of this type of issue is always a priority.
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Adding new audio to your players

adding new audio to your players

We have a few different styles of audio players that we use for websites, and one player in particular, is very easy to update. It’s called the “tPlayer” and it’s the style that has multiple demos in one player and it’s nice and sleek looking. As always, we are available for maintenance on your website if it’s something that you’d rather not do, but if you’d like to give it a shot, here are some basic instructions that should explain pretty well. read more…

How do I add, edit, or delete a blog post?

how do i add, edit, or delete a blog post?

If you have a custom blog built into your website, it’s important to keep up by writing in it. It’s essential to be consistent to attract and keep new followers and build your audience. If you enjoy writing, a blog can be a fun way to express yourself and your expertise, and to gain regular readers and visitors to your website. Not only that, but having an active blog with regular relevant content is very good for your search engine rankings. read more…

Which software do you work with?

which software do you work with?

There are many different website builders out there, not to mention even in WordPress itself there are countless themes available. All of our sites are created with WordPress.ORG software, which is highly customizable, mobile-friendly, and allows clients to update and maintain most of the site themselves with some simple instructions. WordPress is more in-depth than a simple blogging platform because it can accommodate an entire site on your own server, including one blog page and countless plugins for different effects and features. The version of WordPress that we use is quite a bit different than the free setup of WordPress.COM software, even if the dashboard looks similar. Confusing, I know! read more…