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Do you provide website updates if needed?

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do you provide website updates if needed?

We are available to update sites that are created here at our studio for a $100.00 hourly rate, billed in 15 minute increments. Usually updates are made within 2 weeks of requesting them, but if it’s during the holiday season, please allow 3 to 4 weeks. as it’s an extremely busy time. Tight deadlines or short notice updates can be performed with an additional rush fee.

We can’t usually maintain a site created by another designer, as everyone programs differently and WordPress themes vary widely. Sometimes it costs more to maintain an old outdated site than to create a new one. We create customized WordPress sites that will give the client the ability to update much of the content themselves, with a bit of practice and familiarizing with the admin panel. Since some WordPress sites are highly customized, certain things like home page animations or special features would need to be edited by us.

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What will we discuss during the initial consulatation?

What will we discuss during the initial consulatation?

Anyone who contacts us and is interested in our services, can schedule a 30 minute phone call with us where we can answer any questions that you may have for you to base your decision on for your website. Many clients come to us without much knowledge or ever having a website before, and we are happy to walk you through the process and show different example and options. read more…

How much does a website or other project cost?

how much does a website or other project cost?

The price varies depending on the project size and scope of what you need. Some clients may need just a very basic site, so those would be priced lower, starting at $1500.00, and go up depending on what other additional features or content that will be built. Our prices are reasonable no matter what the project size and many people find custom branding and design to be a very worthwhile investment.
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